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Dietmar Noering
Edwin Cerio oder Der Gesang der Sirenen

Edwin Cerio
Preview of Capri

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Edwin Cerio

Preview of Capri

Capri is the only Island in the world. Now, if you are in a geographical mood, you might argue the point. What of Long Island, England, Australia? In Capri we are never geographical. We are capricious – spirituel. I repeat and maintain – Capri is the only Island in the world. It stands alone.

A description of this famous Mediterranean rock must be marked «Private and Confidential», since it is not intended for the general public. Capri, the true Capri, is a secret to be whispered only to the «inner circle» – a fairyland place, reserved for people of fine taste and blithe spirit – for those whom the French call «sensitive souls».

Do you read guide books? Do you take notes from lecturers on history, with dates and facts neatly arranged? Go away. Do you come to add Capri to a list of place-names near the end of a conducted sight-seeing tour? Buy your silly souvenirs and go away. Are you a glutton for degrees of latitude and longitude? The boat leaves at eight tomorrow morning. For you, Capri will say, «Buon giorno», but she will not smile.

If your past is full of «common tourist» leanings, but you are willing to change to a new way of life, the first step is an adjustment in focus. Your view of the landscape, physical, mythical and historical, must be seen through the Divine Lens. Capri has a Law Supreme, unaccountable to AMGOT [1]. It was framed by Her Creative Majesty, on the throne of Mediterranean Beauty. «Aw, nuts !» did you say ? Exactly. You must prepare to be sentimental, a little insane – to lose your mind and open your heart.

The Constitution governing the Island is condensed in one article:

«Capri is The Work of God, perfect, complete».



[1] AMGOT=Allied Military Government of the Occupied Territories. 1943-1944 nach der Invasion Italiens durch die Alliierten installierte militärische Protektoratsverwaltung, die sich schnell als problematisch erwies und nach Kriegsende abgeschafft wurde. Die Anspielung hat einen starken Zeitbezug zum Erscheinen des Textes im Jahre 1944. Auf Capri war kurzeitig auch das amerikan.-brit. Hauptquartier und verschiedene Behörden residierten in den Hotels der Insel.


aus: Edwin Cerio: Preview of Capri. Capri: Editore del mare del cielo e dell’aria di Capri, o. Jahr (1944).

Mit dem obigen Textauszug beginnt die kleine Broschüre, eine einzige Liebesbezeugung für die Insel, die Cerio selbstbewußt und für alle Capri-Liebhaber völlig nachvollziehbar ins Zentrum der Welt setzt.